Crypto Nijigen

Game Mechanics

Character: Hero


Heroes have a wide variety of costumes parts that makes each hero special. The inspiration for Crypto Nijigen was まほうしょうじょ (magical girl), which customes changing with magical power. We wanted heroes to capture a magical spirit as well, so we gave them interesting, a variety kind of costumes parts.
Heroes have a total of 8 different costume parts: chest, feet, hands, head, off hand, legs, main hand, and back. Some heroes dress in multi-slot costume. These heroes are currently under research.
We'd like to introduce the first 3 heroes ever born:
Some hero costume parts are common while others have only been heard of in legends and fairytales. There are 4 levels of rarity for hero costume parts: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
These costume parts will be unlocked in the future through experiments led by our bravest players.

Environment: Terrarium

Heroes will live in special homes called Terrariums. Different Terrariums will grant different bonuses based on the type of heroes inhabiting them. Players will also be able to stock their Terrariums with special items.

Raising Hero

Players will be able to care for their heroes in Terrarium Mode. Players will be able to feed, bathe, and put their heroes to bed, and more interactions will be added as development continues. Heroes will also be able to power up through daily quests and activities. Different heroes will respond best to different routines so players will need to be strategic when planning their hero's growth strategy.


Heroes fight each other in 5 vs 5 battles. Before each battle, players can arrange the formation of their heroes in a 3x3 battlefield, taking into account each hero's strengths and weaknesses. For example, a player might choose to put the warrior heroes on the front lines where they can absorb damage for their more fragile teammates. Some attack moves have their damage based on distance while some buff moves can affect adjacent allies. Understanding your heroes and placing them in optimal positions will be key factors in your team's success.
In battle, heroes use their moves by tap and drag hero icons. Certain moves are best utilized at different times in a fight. For example, it wouldn't be wise to use a healing move as battle just begin (since none of your heroes have incurred damage yet). Create a wise strategy and your hero heam will be unstoppable.

Mobility Moves and Terrain System

Terrain system
Glacial terrain will increase the sliding distance after knockback, volcanic terrain will cause the character to freeze, and cliff terrain will cause sudden death.
Facing different terrain, whether to play a heavier hero, a hero with stronger attack speed, or a hero with long-range attack, these will make the game strategy becomes more flexible and more interesting
Collision fighting
Melee heroes or heroes with collision skills have an advantage. In battle, they can knock back high-defense and high-blood enemies in the front row, exposing the back row.
Low-defense and low-blood units can quickly kill. For some cliff-like special terrains, the opponent's character can be knocked out of the boundary of the field and win immediately.

Weather System

Unique weather system
Different weather will directly affect the characters in the battle, some will cause attribute changes, and some will directly damage the hero
In response to different weather, players need to adjust their combat strategies in time, or quickly attack specific enemies to change unfavorable weather, or attack them in groups to destroy them, all need to be adjusted in time for specific situations.