Crypto Nijigen

Decentralized Organization

Decentralized Organization

Through NGN, Crypto Nijigen will gradually evolve into a community-owned Decentralized Organization.
This process occurs as NGN is distributed among players and stakers, with the Core Dev team becoming less concentrated over time.
The Core Dev team will be able to vote with the locked Play to Earn and Staking rewards allocations. This will prevent hostile actors from disrupting the ecosystem during the early and crucial phases of development. We estimate that development team will no longer have the Majority vote by December 2023.

The road to becoming a Decentralized Organization

Version 1 First half 2022 / Staking dashboard released

NGN holders can stake their tokens through the staking dashboard and participate in governance votes brought forward by the Core Dev team.
These votes will revolve around which teams should receive funding from the ecosystem fund, and how the Community treasury should be distributed.

Version 2 - Early 2022

More on-chain votes about smaller issues.
Potentially changing the way votes are being counted from 1 token 1 vote to Quadratic voting.

Version 3 - September 2023 / Decentralized Organization

NGN holders determine which governance framework should be used and how much should be voted on. Some decisions will not be up for debate such as token supply which is iron-clad in smart contracts.
Potential things that can be voted on:
Should Crypto Nijigen use the marketplace created by Core Dev team?
How should the Community Treasury be used to reward NGN holders and the broader Crypto Nijigen community?
Should the Community Treasury funds be attached to any yield farming/staking services or developing new game?
and more.