Crypto Nijigen

PvE Combat (level combat)

Level battles mainly rely on the main storyline to guide players to fight against monsters. Players will encounter BOSS during the battle, and you will get rich rewards if you defeat them.

Weather Play

Wind: Fighting in a scene with wind, the player will get movement speed, attack speed, and range bonuses in a downwind state, making the battle smooth. The headwind effect will reduce our corresponding attributes and make the battle passive.
Rain: During the battle, the water will continue to rise. When the hero is in the water, he will be constantly affected by the drowning effect and reduce his life and movement speed.
Snow: During the battle, you will be affected by the snow. A continuous blood loss effect will be added to the character. You need to complete the current level as soon as possible.
Volcano: In this scene, there are volcanoes erupting continuously, and the flames ejected will cause damage to the target area.
Cliff gameplay: The player knocks the enemy off the cliff by hitting and wins the game.
Protection gameplay: The gameplay of protecting our NPC from dying in the battle, thus gaining victory.
Continuous battle: Enemies will continue to appear in the battle, kill the enemy and finally kill their leader to win the battle.