Crypto Nijigen


Fortified Land

Fortified Land includes 9 contents, which mainly drop game coins, weapon upgrade materials, and breakthrough items for artifacts and treasures. Players can complete the corresponding contents according to their needs and get rewards.

War Golem

Open daily prescribed time, players can challenge five boss, according to the damage caused by the player, kill and ranking whether high or low, you can get the corresponding reward.

Poly Demon Hunting Ground

With 10 battles per day, players can challenge random difficulty levels. The higher the difficulty, the better the quality of the materials dropped. The spirits that are fixedly dropped can also be purchased in the spirit shop.

Battle of Heroes

A hero will be refreshed every day and wait for the player to challenge for 24 hours. If the player defeats the hero within a limited time, he can get rich rewards. If the time expires but successfully defeats the hero, he can also get some rewards. Players can also share the current hero with their friends. Let a friend help to eliminate it.

Babel Tower

In the game’s tower-climbing mode, players can lead their teams to challenge the Tower of Babel. There are 3 waves of monsters on each floor. The rewards will get better as the height of the tower increases.

Memory Cloister

Players need to unlock the cloister by obtaining the corresponding heroes. After unlocking, they can be challenged. Each cloister can have characters that are restricted to use. If you want to pass the cloister completely, you need to use the corresponding heroes to play the game. You can get corresponding rewards after passing.
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